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VINYLUX weekly varnish | Beauty Angel

  1. Benefits of VINYLUX
  2. The mechanism of action of varnishes VINYLUX
  3. Who is VINYLUX for?

New development of CND - VINYLUX nail polish is a unique synthesis of the most modern and advanced technologies in the world of beauty. Imagine a lacquer that is applied easily and without problems, dries quickly, without leaving stains and without smearing, and worn on the nails for a week, becoming only stronger by the day. Previously, it seemed impossible, but now such a varnish really exists.

Benefits of VINYLUX

Due to the unique technology developed by CND laboratories, VINYLUX coating has a number of advantages:

  • applying lacquer is easy and convenient, it does not spread and is not smeared, which means that now you can do a manicure, both in the salon and at home;
  • The varnish does not require the application of a base coat - it is already included in its composition. You save time and get a quality manicure much faster than before;
  • to dry the varnish there is no need to use an ultraviolet lamp - the coating hardens on nails in just 10 minutes;
  • The unique composition of lacquer allows it to increase its strength under the influence of sunlight, and the coating on your nails will become stronger and stronger without any effort;
  • To remove the varnish does not require special formulations - you can remove it yourself using your usual means;
  • VINYLUX varnish color palette includes more than 60 shades, some of which completely coincide with Shellac colors. But that’s not all - lacquers can be mixed to create new shades, which makes the variety of color solutions from VINYLUX truly unlimited.

The mechanism of action of varnishes VINYLUX

The unique capabilities of VINYLUX nail coatings are due to the varnish composition. The lacquer components can be divided into two main groups: the first ones are responsible for the adhesion of the base to the keratin of the natural nail, the second ones are for the color palette and the possibility of mixing pigments of different shades. The coating applied over varnish includes another group of substances that is responsible for the subsequent hardening of the color base.

The components responsible for the adhesion of varnish to the nail, act on the principle of double-sided tape: they simultaneously interlock in keratin, located in the nail plate, and molecules of color pigment. But at the same time, the pigment itself does not come into contact with the nail, since the lacquer formula allows you to separate the substances that form the base from the substances that form the color of the coating.

The color pigment molecules in VINYLUX lacquers are quite large in size, which is very important for high-quality and safe coating that does not damage the nail structure and does not penetrate it. In order to get a new color, there is no need to consistently apply layers of different shades to the nail, thereby thickening the coating and increasing the load on the nail plate. Simply mix the two colors in the bottle, and a new, unique shade is ready.

The third group of components responsible for the strength of the varnish includes photoinitiators. Substances of this type are usually included in coatings designed to be fixed with an ultraviolet lamp. But the creators of VINYLUX went even further, and refined the formula in such a way that the photoinitiators respond to ordinary sunlight. Manicure in the process of socks is becoming increasingly durable, and the likelihood of chipping and scratching due to this composition is minimal.

The second important property of phytoinitiators is their ability to resist the appearance of a yellowish tint on the surface of varnish. The top coat applied over the lacquer does not contain nitrocellulose, which leads to an unpleasant yellowness, so your manicure will look just great all week.

Who is VINYLUX for?

The main addressee of the CND concern has become modern women who follow fashion and always try to be in the center of events. It is usually typical for them to change the colors of the varnish in accordance with the clothing, the situation and even the time of day. Long-term coatings for such women are not always convenient, so they prefer to paint their nails not only in the salon during manicure, but also at home. VINYLUX products give them such an opportunity, because they successfully combine the quality of professional varnish and the convenience of home cosmetics. You can use the service of covering nails with VINYLUX varnishes in the beauty salon, or you can buy the shade you like and use it yourself.

With the help of VINYLUX system you can always create a stunning manicure at any time!

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Who is VINYLUX for?


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