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How to unlock any AT & T iPhone (instruction)

  1. Method 1. Skype Conversation
  2. Method 2. Live chat with AT & T
  3. Notes of our forumchanin:
  4. Summarize:

You can unlock the phone yourself only if you have checks, an ATT account and a completed contract

You can unlock the phone yourself only if you have checks, an ATT account and a completed contract. In any other cases we suggest to use iPhone ATT unlock service .

Just the other day, the Internet shook the information that the American operator AT & T breaks iPhone upon expiration of his contract. It is logical that many people wanted to use the free Unlock phone, but the procedure was not without pitfalls.

First and most important: not everyone can count on a successful unlock! Ideally, you should know the details of the contract with AT & T (or at least for whom it was issued), and it should expire. It is also very desirable to have an AT & T account and some Wireless Number. If you have none of the above, you can still try, but the odds are less at times.

To unlock the phone, you must contact AT & T support. You can do this by Skype or in a text chat on the company's website.

Method 1. Skype Conversation

1. Calling to the support service operator. Toll-free number for calls from Skype: +18003310500 , then press 1 and 0 to connect with operators.

2. In a telephone conversation (in English, not necessarily ideally good), we ask you to unlock the phone, saying that we are abroad and cannot provide information about the contract. We demand to check on the IMEI base of our phone and make sure that the contract to which it was attached has expired (or compensation has been paid). If immediate refusal follows, please double-check the data. Show ingenuity and perseverance.

3.1. The operator yielded to our persuasion, checked IMEI and confirmed the possibility of unlocking. We provide a working e-mail, and on the basis of the request, they start a "case", and we are informed of its number - the case ID. Further, the scenarios differ slightly from user to user, but you can highlight common points: you must wait (from a day to a week) and use the instructions sent by e-mail.

3.2. The operator insistently requires your AT & T account and claims that unlocking is possible only for real subscribers of the company. Do not waste time and repeat steps 1-2 again, trying to appease another operator.

Method 2. Live chat with AT & T

1. Go to the AT & T support page: and select the Chat with an AT & T Live Agent option in the lower right corner (you can use the search on the page). In the opened window, successively select and click Next:

  • Help & Support
  • Wireless
  • Yes
  • Technical support

The chat window with the operator opens. If it says "We're sorry; there are currently no live chat agents available." , try again before successful connection.

2. We act like paragraphs 2-3.1 / 3.2 of Skype communication.

Notes of our forumchanin:

Attempts were made 12-14. He told a variety of stories, made up excuses for not knowing the data on the contract (lost, threw out), in vain mentioned the purchase of a phone on eBay. As a result, it worked when he referred to a similar situation with a friend and the positive decision of another operator.


  1. The chances of getting an unlocked device, provided that you do not have contract details and an AT & T account are low. Moreover, even a successful conversation and the received Case ID does not guarantee the successful completion of the procedure (polite Americans can refuse in writing after a week).
  2. Nobody limits your attempts - it did not pass with ten operators, it can pass with eleventh.
  3. You should not justify the lack of data on the contract by purchasing telefena at flea markets / with hands.
  4. Your stay outside the US, although it reduces the chances of a positive solution to the problem, but does not exclude them.

And yet, the described unlock method is now the only one possible for owners bricks with a modem 04.11.08 . They are particularly persistent and no less good luck!

Discussion issue on our site: link

Forum thread: link

If you have questions or comments about the unlock of the iPhone in the manner indicated above, leave your comments on this article. We also ask you to unsubscribe from those who have had a successful communication with the support service operator - such information can be very useful to our readers.


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