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Cable for Connecting Computer and TV: Connecting

  1. Types of connection through wires
  2. How to connect TV to computer via HDMI
  3. VGA connector is still popular
  4. S-video connector
  5. Variants of connectors and their combinations
  6. Connect the TV without wires
  7. Miracast
  8. Smart TV
  9. Computer settings

Digital paradise has already arrived

The digital age has already covered us all. Today, without computers, no field of human activity is unthinkable, and the entertainment industry is thriving with computer technology. We remember how the first 21 inch monitors seemed huge to us, but today you won’t surprise anyone, and many prefer the large-dialed TV connected to the system as an alternative.

Today we will choose the best cable for connecting a computer and a TV set, learn how to make the connection correctly, and also a lot of interesting things about the topic.

Types of connection through wires

Popular Connection Types

Connecting the TV to your personal computer, laptop or compact tablet can be done in different ways, the choice of which depends on the capabilities of the equipment.

  • In modern devices, problems usually do not arise, but with the old there may be some technical problems.
  • The rating of connections will be built by us in the order of rationality and optimality, starting with the most common options, and ending with the rarer ones.
  • In the second part of the article we will analyze alternative ways that will allow you to make a connection when it is difficult to use classic cables.

So, here are all the cables we can install:

So, here are all the cables we can install:

Cable for connecting a TV and computer HDMI

  • HDMI cable that transmits image and sound in digital quality. It is not only the highest priority in terms of images, but also the most convenient, since only one connector is required to connect.

VGA cable

  • VGA - this wire transmits an analog image. Modern video cards often no longer have this connector, but a couple of years ago, all devices were equipped with it. This video output can be found on most laptop models. The minus of the connection is that it cannot transmit sound; therefore, a separate 3.5 mm mini-Jack cable is used with it. Image quality remains at the level.

DVI cable

  • DVI - this connector is considered fully computerized, so it is not installed on TVs. However, it can be used by applying adapters to the options listed above. The signal provided by the cable is digital, sometimes analog.

Interesting to know! This connector can not transmit sound, so using an adapter for HDMI, do not wait for it to appear.

This connector can not transmit sound, so using an adapter for HDMI, do not wait for it to appear

S-video cable

  • S-video - the presented cable has been outdated for a long time and is not even used for transmitting a TV signal, but sometimes it is exactly what you need to install, because they were on older video cards, and there may not be other connectors on the TV.

Now let's find out in more detail how the listed connections are made.

How to connect TV to computer via HDMI

Cable for connecting TV and laptop

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a single modern multimedia standard capable of transmitting a high-resolution picture and the same high-quality sound. It allows you to connect not only TV, but also speakers that need to transmit sound separately, through channels.

Any modern TV, even the most inexpensive, has at least one or two such inputs - that’s how they look in the photo.

Any modern TV, even the most inexpensive, has at least one or two such inputs - that’s how they look in the photo

This connector will be on the TV and computer

The shape of the plug is made in such a way that it cannot be plugged in incorrectly - there is a narrowing with bends in the lower part. However, not all connectors look that way, because there is an option for compact devices (tablets, ultrabooks, smartphones).

In general, cables can be divided into classes, among which there are the following options:

  • Type "A" is a standard digital cable capable of transmitting a signal in resolutions up to 1920 * 1080. It is used when connecting, more often than other options. The price is the lowest.
  • Type “B” is a more advanced cable that can transfer a picture in 4K resolution without loss of quality and a high-quality signal in 3D.

Compact HDMI Connector

  • Types "C", "D" - these are the mentioned connectors for small devices. Connect them to standard cables through adapters, or the wire from the second edge has a plug of standard shape and size.

The rest of the information on cables can be easily found on our website or third-party, specialized resources. We are now interested in a little, so go directly to the connection.

So, all the video outputs on the computer are located on the reverse side of the system unit, on the video card or on the motherboard. Here is how it usually looks in practice.

  • In the photos shown, you saw the options for exits on PCs and laptops. From the external differences, you can see that the VGA on the laptop has no thread for mounting screws - the cable is simply inserted.
  • The first thing you should do is carefully consider all the exits. If among them there is the HDMI we need, then we simply plug one end of the cable into it and install the unit in place.
  • We are looking for a similar connector on the back or side of the TV, remember its number and make the connection. The manipulations with the cable end here, then proceed to the equipment setup.

List of available signal sources

  • Depending on the brand of TV, their menu will differ, but the general scheme (with the exception, perhaps, Phillips) will be very similar.
  • On the remote, the output selection button is pressed. It can be called and denoted differently: In, TV In, Source, TV AV, a circle with an arrow pointing inwards and so on. It is usually in the top row, but not a fact.

Tip! If you did not find the button you need, help will guide to the TV.

  • After pressing the button, you will see on the screen a list with available inputs. Select from them HDMI with the necessary number and click "Ok".
  • The TV will begin to perceive the video and sound from the specified input, ignoring the rest.
  • Next, you configure the computer, but we will tell about it at the end of the article, in the appropriate chapter.

VGA connector is still popular

On the back of this TV there is a VGA input.

Technically, the connection of the VGA connector is almost the same as the procedure already described, except that the shape of the connector is different and, as we have said, a separate cable is required to transmit audio.

  • Look carefully at the photo. The VGA input is named PC IN there (the name RGB may also be present) - this is important, as it will help us find the right input for the sound.
  • Usually it is located nearby, but exceptions are possible. In the specific case, we see on the right the input, signed as - PC / DVI Audio IN. It is necessary to stick a 3.5 mm mini-Jack cable into it, as on headphones.
  • If the audio connector is not observed, it means that the TV does not support simultaneous transmission of sound from this input. You can get out of the situation by connecting an external speaker system to the computer, the power of which will be enough for comfortable watching movies and other things.

Tip! In addition to the audio input, there may be an output on the back of the TV that will look exactly the same. You can distinguish them by the "spear" or by marking. The output can be signed as AUDIO OUT, headphones can be drawn there, or a circle from which the arrow goes.

S-video connector

S-video cable with the transition to the classic "tulips"

This type of cable is also analog and is not designed to transmit a sound signal. You can find adapters for sale from this connector to other, television, so that through this output to the PC you can chop up any TV.

On the TV next to the cable, you can also see separate sockets for sound, but more often it is combined with the same tulips (AV). That is, their audio inputs will be shared, and the image will be transmitted from the connected cable.

Variants of connectors and their combinations

It often happens that just the right connector on the TV or computer may not be. In this case, various adapters will help out.

Let's look at the most common ones:

DVI to VGA adapter

  • The most common adapter is designed to switch from DVI connector to VGA. It usually comes bundled with many video cards that do not have a separate VGA output. If such a device was not included, then do not rush to run after him to the store. This connector may not support analog signal transfer.
  • In order not to get confused, you need to accurately determine the type of DVI connector, of which there are 4 pieces. Open the specification of your video card, which can be found on the Internet and see the exact marking.

Types of DVI and other connectors

  • DVI-I Single link - this type supports the simultaneous transmission of digital and analog signals, and therefore is suitable for connecting the adapter considered by us. The addition “Single link” means that the digital signal is transmitted in single-channel mode.
  • DVI-I Dual link - almost the same connector, but having a double channel for the numbers.

Interesting to know! Both versions transmit a picture in the resolution of 1920x1080.

  • DVI-D Single link - this output does not transmit an analog signal, and there is no sense in buying an adapter for it - nothing will work. This standard is used, for example, on all nVidia 10-series video cards - we remind you that VGAs are being abandoned.
  • DVI-D Dual link - this connector due to the higher bandwidth can transmit a picture with a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels. As well as the previous version, it is not used to transmit an analog signal.
  • DVI-A is a rather rare variant that is designed to transmit only an analog signal. Wait, we wrote that the connectors 4, and this 5th in a row! That's right - this is how the plug is designated in the adapter for connecting analog devices.

In general, we draw attention to the letter assigned to the connector name - I allows using an adapter, D - no.

In general, we draw attention to the letter assigned to the connector name - I allows using an adapter, D - no


  • The following adapter can be used if the TV does not have a VGA input, but there is a component RCA.

Transition to Tulip and S-video

  • This option is similar in purpose to the previous one, but you can connect a “tulip” or s-video to it. You will ask why there is only one conclusion to the tulip. We will answer because the other two transmit sound and are not needed here.

This adapter is for digit only.

  • We have already mentioned the following adapter in the text. It is intended for digital data transmission, so the type of connector does not matter.

Tip! With such a connection, the sound signal will not be sent to the TV, and it will not be possible to connect it separately to the TV, since HDMI has no additional audio inputs. For this reason, the sound will have to be supplied to separate playback devices.

  • Also on sale you can find adapters from VGA to almost any analog inputs, be it RCA, tulips, or even SCART.

VGA-SCART adapter

  • We wrote that HDMI transmits only a digital signal, but this does not mean that the same VGA cannot be connected to it. To implement this scheme, not just adapters are used, but whole converters.

Transition from digit to analog

  • Converters can have a separate power supply, or they can receive it from a computer. In the functional there is no big difference, so you can give preference to more compact devices.
  • Also, HDMI can go to DVI, if required by the scheme, but this case clearly does not apply to TVs.

Connect the TV without wires

If the cable for connecting the laptop and the TV for some reason does not work (the points are far apart from each other, I do not want to leave the wires in sight), then you can try to make a wireless connection.


The implementation of such a connection is possible only if your TV supports this technology.

The implementation of such a connection is possible only if your TV supports this technology

View on the big screen without wires

  • Its essence is quite simple - the transmitter via the Wi-Fi module sends a signal encoded according to a specific algorithm.
  • The receiving device sees, decodes and outputs it as a video signal.

Tip! Some models of TVs have the support of this technology, but are devoid of hardware, that is, provide for the purchase and installation of separate equipment. Be sure to ask the seller about this feature, if you plan to implement such a connection.

  • This means that even a smartphone can be connected to the TV in this way, provided that its power will be enough, because the technology requires a lot of resources.
  • If the connection fails, make sure that the Miracast function is activated in the TV settings.
  • A TV that does not support this function can be connected via a remote device with separate power supply. It connects to the HDMI video input.

Smart TV

The development of digital electronics goes to the fact that all gadgets are becoming multifunctional, able to replace other devices. The most vivid example of such a transformation is smartphones, which have turned from ordinary “dialers” into portable laptops, which are not inferior in functionality to full-fledged devices (the same PC, cameras, voice recorders, and so on).

The most vivid example of such a transformation is smartphones, which have turned from ordinary “dialers” into portable laptops, which are not inferior in functionality to full-fledged devices (the same PC, cameras, voice recorders, and so on)

Smart TV from Samsung is one of the best for today

  • The development of television technology went the same way. Modern TV is not only a means to watch TV programs, but also partially a computer that can be connected to the Internet.
  • And here you can connect to a computer? Everything is simple - a PC configured in a certain way can distribute the Internet even through Wi-Fi.
  • As for the TV with the Smart function, it is not a full-fledged analogue of a computer. This is mainly about using certain resources - branded and publicly available, for example, YouTube.
  • Yes, some models have a built-in browser, but it is almost impossible to use it, because devices do not know how to clear the cache.

Wi-Fi signal receiver for TV

  • Connect the TV in this way can be LAN cable, or without wires. Not all models have a built-in signal receiver, so you may need to buy such an adapter, as in the photo above. The price of such a device is quite high.

Computer settings

So, we have completed the connection, it remains to adjust the computer a bit, because there may be no image, or it will be broadcast to two monitors at once.

So, we have completed the connection, it remains to adjust the computer a bit, because there may be no image, or it will be broadcast to two monitors at once

Screen control

  • Click on an empty place on the desktop with the right mouse button. Before you pops up a context menu in which you want to select the item "Screen Resolution."
  • A window will open, as in the picture above, from where we can control the parameters of the broadcast.
  • There are three main points: screen, resolution, orientation.
  • Clicking on the triangle near the "Screen", you will see a menu where you can choose which monitor at the moment you need to produce an image. Find your TV there, click on it, click "Apply" and "OK". Everything, the image will arrive on the TV screen.
  • It happens that the computer incorrectly sets the screen resolution - here you can set the value manually, according to the resolution of the matrix of your TV - usually it is either 1920x1080 or 1366x768. Modern TV have a high resolution of 3840x2160.

Function buttons on different laptops may differ

Tip! To switch between monitors on laptops, a separate function button is usually provided, read the instructions, and you can control the system with greater convenience.

Let's summarize. Now you know how to properly connect the TV cable to the computer. We told about a lot of variations, so you will surely find a way that is acceptable to you and do everything with your own hands.

And here you can connect to a computer?


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